Used Fisher® Plows and Plow Parts


S&D PLOW SERVICE offers a full line of Fisher® snow plows and plow parts.  Call us with your needs and we will be glad to help you out. We can repair or replace anything on your Minute Mount 1 or Minute Mount 2 plow to make it work like new again. We offer complete truck installations on all trucks.


We offer a complete plow repair, service, and parts.

Below are some of the used plows we have in stock these prices are for the off truck units only we have mounts, wiring and controllers for all trucks for an additional charge.


We have USED Fisher® plow push plates and complete wiring for MOST trucks.


We have NEW Fisher® plow push plates and complete wiring for ALL trucks.



We buy used Fisher® plows and plow parts.




Call for your specific truck application





Fisher plow 8ft HD MM2

Fisher Plow 8Ft HD MM2

Fisher Plow 8ft HD MM2

Fisher Plow 8ft HD MM2

9FT Fisher Plow MM1


Used 1 Season $1800.00 installed


Snow EX Pivot Pro 1075X : The largest-capacity SnowEx model with a digital, self-diagnosing variable speed controller - weighs 141 lbs.

  • Pivot Pro, Junior, and Mini models include a top screen cover
  • No-rust polyethylene hoppers
  • Patented 12-volt electric driver and transmission in a sealed unit
  • Low maintenance - no pulleys, sprockets, belts, or chains to maintain
*****Timbren® installations ***TIMBREN® INSTALLATIONS

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